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The following terms mean EXACTLY the same thing:

Self Directed IRA LLC | Checkbook Control IRA | Real Estate IRA
Don’t get confused when you’re trying to figure out if there are differences in these descriptive terms. There are no differences whatsoever. Over the course of time, different people and companies have used different terms to describe the same thing.

Accelerated Growth Within Your Portfolio

With a Self Directed IRA or “Checkbook IRA” as it is also called, Investing can greatly accelerate growth in your retirement portfolio. You can take control of your finances while backing non-traditional investments.

As an alternative to the stock market, income-producing property can provide your plan with monthly income as well as long-term gains through appreciation. There are no limitations on the types of properties that can be held within your Self Directed IRA plan.

A Checkbook Control IRA Allows for Immediate Action on Investments

With a Checkbook IRA there are no hidden fees usually associated with a Custodian and you will have Checkbook control over investments allowing you to make immediate investment purchases.

Investments Allowed with a Checkbook Control IRA

With your Checkbook IRA you can invest in all Investment Real Estate Types, Trust Deeds & Mortgages, Tax Liens & Certificates, Equipment Leasing, Private Notes & Business Loans, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and much more…

Prompt Service & Cost Effective

You can expect the process to set up a Checkbook Control IRA to take about 30 days. If your current custodian is immediately responsive in releasing your funds, it will take even less time. Everything can be handled by phone, email, fax, express or regular mail.

Your Next Step

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