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Make an investment…by simply writing a check or wire

transferring funds from your bank account.

Self Directed IRA


Turn-key and tailored to meet your needs.
Easy to understand.

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Checkbook control. IRS compliant and tax attorney supported.

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Purchase real estate. Start a business. Invest in gold & silver, and more.

Real Estate Investments
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Self Directed IRA You Can Trust

A Name You Can Trust.

Safeguard is a name you can trust. Thousands of clients in all 50 states attest to our competency and integrity, and have helped us earn an A+ rating with the BBB. All legal document work is performed by our tax attorney who has been structuring Self Directed IRA & 401(k) plans for more than 20 years. He holds an advanced degree in taxation and he is a licensed CPA.

What You Can Expect From Us.

Education & Consultation

Education & Consultation

Expert education and consultation to assist with identifying the best plan to meet your investment goals.

Filing & Processing

Filing & Processing

Complete plan set up including, filings, legal documents, processing, and rollover & transfer of retirement funds.

Customer Support

Customer Support

FREE lifetime support, including maintenance of your self-directed plan, and investment strategies & options.

Who has control of your funds?

Custodians and administrators that set up Self Directed plans require you to fill out paperwork and wait for processing each time you make an investment. They control the checkbook, write the checks or pay the bills and you’re charged a fee for each transaction. Safeguard’s Self Directed plans cut through the red tape by giving you “checkbook control” of your retirement funds through a local bank account. No hassles. No transaction fees. You make investments simply by writing a check or sending a wire transfer.

Checkbook Control
Is Checkbook Control for you

Is “Checkbook Control” for you?

Not everyone should set up a Self Directed IRA or 401(k) (with checkbook control) and take on the responsibilities that go along with operating this type of plan. However, if you generally agree with the following affirmative statements, then the answer is…YES, you’re qualified:

  • I manage my affairs, and life events, in a decisive manner.
  • I’m interested in learning and experiencing new things.
  • I prefer to have the most control I can over my personal finances.
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Interested In Real Estate Investing?

While there are many allowable alternative investments, most clients want to invest in Real Estate, and that’s where our expertise adds incredible value. Our team of expert Self Directed IRA & 401(k) Advisors are real world investors who use their own retirement funds to invest into income-producing real estate. Whether your goal is to invest in rental property, flip houses or be a hard money lender, we’ll help you understand the in’s and out’s of doing so with a self directed plan.

Interested In Real Estate Investing

Would you like to finance and run a small business?

 Business Funding
Your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement account can be the key to starting your business debt-free and cash-rich. You can utilize the full potential of your existing retirement accounts, thereby enabling you to eliminate or reduce the need for additional loans. You can buy a franchise, start a new business or provide working capital for an existing business and pay yourself a salary from the start. And, you can contribute to your retirement plan from profits of the business. Free of debt, and with no taxes or penalties to pay from the use of your own retirement funds, Safeguard’s Business Funding IRA is your best option.
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